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0002864Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-07-27 09:552014-01-17 10:42
Captain Mayday 
Toady One 
0002864: Stranglers have no gender specified. 50 year lifespan.
Suggest adding the following to Stranglers since they've got a limited lifespan and without gender have no way to breed.

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2010-07-28 05:58   
Several other creatures have this problem: floating guts, flesh balls, giant earthworms, and cave floaters.

I can only assume that the [CHILD] token is now optional, since there are quite a few creatures who lack it but otherwise appear to have stable populations: voracious cave crawler, magma crab, crundle, hungry head, helmet snake, giant toad, giant olm, giant cave spider, olm man, antman, bat man, and werewolf.
Knight Otu   
2010-07-28 08:59   
Having male and female castes is really only important for civilized creatures (which simply don't spawn if they would die out), and for creatures that should reproduce in fortress mode. Other creatures seem to get by on spontaneous genesis for the time being, though maybe we'll get new tags when improved wildlife tracking comes in.

That said, the description of stranglers make them sound like relatively "normal" creatures as opposed to stuff like outsiders, pseudo-undead, constructs, or plant beasts, so giving them genders would make sense.
2010-09-03 11:52   
A few years of progress in my current fortress seems to indicate that [CHILD] is still required in order for a creature to reproduce in Fortress mode.
Toady One   
2010-10-02 04:33   
This should be sorted out for 0.31.15.