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0002913Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-07-31 22:172011-01-18 10:44
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0002913: goblin ambush when traders are arriving causes traders to be flagged as hostile
The dwarven traders with liason were arriving. While they were incoming a goblin ambush was detected. The military was practicing near the depot and was assigned to kill the invaders. However they started killing merchants. This may be related to bug 2738 (military kills anything in its path).

Bugged save available at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2868 [^]
Set up an ambush to be discovered as merchants are arriving (before unpack begins). Send military to kill invaders, merchants must be between squad and invaders
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duplicate of 0003259new  Loyalty cascade after ordering squad to attack were-citizens, merchants/traders, guards, or liaison 
related to 0002738resolved Logical2u kill order kill everything on path 
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2010-08-05 05:39   
As a variant of this, I had two squads as this occured, and they started attacking eachother after goblins where dead. They left the merchants alone though.
2011-01-08 00:53   
Reminder sent to: troas

Is it possible that you might have included the merchants or their animals in your kill order?
2011-01-08 18:24   
I don't think I did that - I believe the order flashed "kill goblins". However it has been 5 months so I can't be positive.
2011-01-08 23:07   
I'm going to mark it as a duplicate for now, because it matches the loyalty cascade that happens if you do include the merchants or their animals with the kill order.

If you can reproduce it and can rule out the merchants/animals being included, reopen this report and post your new information.