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ZaZ Amari 
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0002946: Crossbow dwarfs prefer melee
As it says, my crossbow dwarves are rushing forward to bash enemy creatures instead of shooting them with bolts I've checked and they do indeed have ammo but unless they encounter the target at long range they will not shoot ammo at it.
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has duplicate 0004562resolved Footkerchief Marksdwarfs will charge and use crossbows as meele weapons 
child of 0003028new  Marksdwarves don't carry enough ammunition into combat. 
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2010-08-04 07:17   
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"Long range" as in how many tiles?

It would be helpful to upload a save where a marksdwarf equipped with crossbow/quiver/bolts is melee-charging an enemy who is more than one tile away. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]

2010-08-04 07:46   
I also had Marksdwarves charging into melee, but it turned out they were out of ammo available to pick up.

ZaZ Amari   
2010-09-03 05:58   
You can close this i found out the only ammo they were carrying was supposed to be used for training not combat...