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0002974: Squad Station orders maintained after save, load of older save
I organized a squad which I used in an attempt to fend off a large amount of ambushers that decimated the incoming caravans. As the battle goes on it is obvious that all is lost and I'd have to either abandon or scum. So I scum, only instead of terminating the process as I usually do (because I normally go back to the current save rather than a previous autosave), I saved the fort and loaded the autosave made at the previous season switch.

When I loaded the older autosave, five of the dwarves who I organized into the squad above (the only five that currently exist, as the other five in the squad were migrants that appeared after this autosave) switched into military mode and shuffled on over to the point where I had stationed the squad in the previous save. This squad shouldn't exist - it was only formed after this autosave. Indeed, this squad isn't even listed in my Squads menu, so I can't tell them to cancel their orders.
Play a fort until an autosave occurs (or save the fort and rename the folder as a separate backup). Create a squad in the curre save the fort, load the autosave/backup. The squad created in the first fort, formed after the autosave/backup was created, will follow their orders even though the squad technically doesn't exist.

For immediate reproducability, see this save collection: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2909 [^]

Load region3, observe the squad stationed in the entrance hall (center right, one level below the surface).
 Note the date is 135 Early Summer
With or without unpausing, save the fort.
Load region3-spr-135, return to the entrance hall (for convenience:
  F1 zoom and down one level, bottom right).
 Unpause. Five dwarves will switch to military roles, and after about 20 or
  30 seconds they will rally in the entrance hall.
 The squad they belonged to was given station orders at this location in the
  region3 save, but as you can see in the military screen, only one squad
  exists and is comprised of only the militia commander
CivForge2.22 mod using Mayday graphics.

Though the squad doesn't exist in the military menu, the members of the old squad are listed as belonging to it when attempting to add them to a new squad.

Workaround: Add the offending dwarves to a new squad. Whether this actually clears the station order or merely removes anyone from being able to obey it is unknown, but at least the dwarves won't be stuck in military limbo. Presumably the squad and station order still "exist" but no one belongs to or can be added to the squad to obey the order.

Had made a post in order to produce discussion about this, to confirm that I was not merely seeing things or whether anyone else had noticed this happening as well. However it received no replies. The post contains further details about the situation at the fort but I don't think they are relevant: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=63312.0 [^]
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duplicate of 0001806resolved Toady One Non-cancelled kill orders persist into newly generated world and fortress. 
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This is 0001806. I'm crossposting your save link at that report.