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0000304: Equipment assignments don't respect handedness (gauntlets)
Dwarfs are frequently seen with two Left or two Right gauntlets assigned. They will only attempt to wear one gauntlet per side, and so will walk around with one gauntlet if they are assigned two from the same side.
- Make a squad
- Forge some gauntlets
- Have an Arsenal Dwarf
- Assign a uniform including gauntlets (in my case with Exact Match)
- Watch the equipment assignments
Equipment, Military
has duplicate 0000646closed Footkerchief Military Dwarfs being assigned either two left or right gauntlets 
child of 0000535acknowledged Toady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 
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2010-04-29 20:26   
A specific version of this problem: I assigned my military dwarfs a uniform which replaced their clothes, and included "socks" and "boots".

Some of them put two socks on the same foot, then put a boot on the other foot. (If I'm reading the wiki correctly, you can't fit a boot over two socks).

(This is a natural use case: when socks are part of their uniform, the arsenal dwarf will upgrade them to the highest-quality socks available. Every bit of armor bonus helps.)
2010-08-10 14:38   
This still happens to me in 31.12.

The equipping of two left or two right gauntlets seems to be linked to the priorities placed on item quality for being used by the military.

I have 5 more ☼adamantine left gauntlets☼s than I have ☼adamantine right gauntlet☼s, in addition to a bunch of ≡ ones.

If I allow all the masterwork gauntlets to be used, the high ranking dwarves will prefer 2 ☼adamantine left gauntlet☼s over 1 ☼adamantine left gauntlet☼ and 1 ≡adamantine right gauntlet≡. So it looks to me like they only look at the quality of the gauntlets, rather than whether the higher quality item can be fitted over the correct arm.

If I forbid the extra ☼adamantine left gauntlet☼s, then the dwarves will equip properly. Keeping the number of left and right gauntlets in each quality level equal, by forbidding the others, seems to come close to resolving the problem.
2010-09-16 10:43   
From looking at my squads, it seems like having "gauntlet" in the equipment list only actually assigns one gauntlet (handedness chosen at random) rather than assigning a pair of them.
2010-09-16 11:20   
Not for me - my military's uniform contains a single "steel gauntlet" entry, and all of my soldiers are assigned to wear two steel gauntlets (though most of the time it's either 2 left gauntlets or 2 right gauntlets, which doesn't work terribly well).
2010-09-16 12:53   
In 31.12 having them equip both boots or both gloves is problematic. In the uniform I only have one entry for boots and one for gloves.

About half of my dwarves figure out they have two hands or two feet, and so they get two gloves or two boots. They're fine.

For some reason the other half of them tend to be missing a boot or glove and never pick up another one despite my armory overflowing with unused armor. If I manually assign the equipment to them this works just fine, however with a large military this is extremely tedious to do. Uniforms are supposed to do this.
2010-09-29 08:58   
Manually assigning the gloves to ensure everyone has one left and one right of them isn't just extremely tedious, it also involves fighting the m-e-G menu, because the order in which they are displayed changes and you can't see which of them are already assigned to someone. Aaargh.
2010-10-18 17:03   
It seems like it's using the item creation order in combination with the quality level, much like the Z-Stocks view lists them. This has actually resulted in the quite hilariously stupid assignment of two masterwork left steel gauntlets to swordsdwarf with no left hand (it got amputated by a forgotten beast).
Toady One   
2010-11-15 06:49   
I've handled the handedness issue for 0.31.18.