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0003043Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-08-16 12:352012-07-21 11:47
0003043: No furniture option in trade
If I want to sell Furniture to the traider, I need to choose it from the "all" list, which is kinda stupid I think
1. Trade
2. Search for Furniture forever
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related to 0000065resolved Toady One Mugs not a category in "Bring to trade depot" menu 
has duplicate 0004284resolved Footkerchief Windows and pipes have no category on the Move Goods screen 
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2011-03-24 09:48   
now even pots have their own section but furniture still doesn't? how does this make sense?
2011-03-24 16:54   
As Footsy likes to point out, this isn't so much a bug as a missing feature and thus belongs in the suggestions forum.

Marking as CLOSE THIS so Footsy can make a decision.
2011-03-24 21:54   
When almost everything has an entry in a list but a small number of things are inexplicably missing, the missing-ness has a very bug-like quality to it.
2011-03-24 22:15   
I concur with RossM.
2011-03-25 00:42   
Fair enough; no complaints here anyway. I was just saying that to cut you off. :P
2012-07-21 10:15   

This is very annoying, I love selling furniture but going through the All category to find them is unnecessarily time consuming.
2012-07-21 11:47   
@taleinat - you can use the search option