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0000309Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-03 14:322014-11-25 22:58
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0000309: Injured dwarves won't/can't rest
Shoulders, false rib and heart red (compound fractures). The health screen says one wound needs setting.

The dwarf stopped resting after the diagnosis and never visited the newly built hospital.
1. Miner falls, get red wounds and unconscious
2. No hospital yet, so another dwarf brings the miner to dormitory.
3. Assign the chief medical role on noble screen (novice at most med skills).
4. Wait for diagnosis, injured dwarf will get up afterword.
5. Check health of injured dwarf. Status page shows wounds and the need for setting the wound. The first page says no injuries though!
6. Build hospital, put in that special table, normal tables/cabinets/chests/bags/beds and the dwarves deliver all but powder and soap (had powder but bugged like in 0000194).
7. Injured Dwarf continues working while flashing the injured state. After a month still hasn't visited hospital.
parent of 0001494new  injured dwarf 'cannot stand' too tough to rest but can't move. 
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parent of 0002930acknowledged Dwarfu Dwarf is Unwilling to die, or get better. 
parent of 0002968new  Dwarf recovery problems and dwarves leaving hospital to handle their needs personally, cancelling care 
parent of 0003490new  wounded dwarfes will continue to work, even when treatment is assigned 
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has duplicate 0002911resolved Footkerchief Injured dwarf never gets treatment assigned 
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Jiri Petru   
2010-04-16 14:00   
(edited on: 2010-04-16 14:02)
Seconding. I have a soldier with shattered left upper arm and elbow. His health screen says he needs surgery (amongst other things) on both places. Yet, after being diagnosed and perhaps cleaned, he just got up and went back to duty.

...and i THINK he's had a failed surgery that hasn't done anything.

2010-04-24 16:23   
I have a dwarf that I refer to jokingly as Lefty. He can't use one of his arms, he is grasp impaired and flashing yellow, but he is happily going about his business with no issues.
2010-04-24 16:30   
The wiki actually said Hospital actions are bugged, so more than likely, it's known. I'm actually hoping it's fixed so i can keep a fort standing.
2010-04-25 10:29   
This might be an issue in addition to the doctors repeating work over and over. I'm seeing the same thing with a miner, he will get up and do some work with 4 red wounds. 2 of them need surgery, they all need a lot of work according to health screen. Later I will find him back in the hospital resting. The doctor tries to do things for him when he is in the hospital, but they fail due to the other bug.

The issue is... dwarves leaving the hospital when they've got serious injuries. People do this in real life (try to leave the hospital when it's medically very stupid), so I can't 100% call it a "bug", but it's probably not intentional.

I think when the repeat doctoring bug is fixed, there will still be dwarves that leave the hospital early only to come back later. But it might be OK, once the main bug is fixed eventually they will get patched up properly and not need to return to the hospital.
2010-04-28 01:50   
I noticed this too; I got a message that said "Surgeon cancels Surgery: Patient Not Resting" as well.
2010-05-09 07:40   
I have a soldier that got red injuries on his arm and leg, got the diagnosis, and then promptly went back to soldiering. 3 years later he's a legendary speardwarf, and functioning completely fine despite flashing red and supposedly requiring surgery. I have a hospital that seems to be working fine except for one or two other bugs, and I know it was working and I had doctors before the dwarf in question was injured.
2010-05-10 14:24   
Had the same bug too today. A dwarf had a smashed third toe and went to hospital, but he got out of hospital shortly afterwards, the message "Urist McMedicineDwarf cancels Surgery: Dwarf not resting" is being displayed from time to time.
2010-05-11 11:17   
more interesting to say the above mentioned dwarf gets back into hospital from time to time where the doctor fails with the surgery and then gets back up again afterwards. Can be reproduced at any time.
2010-05-16 05:57   
I have a mason that was nearly killed in a cave in. His Both his legs, his right hip, both his arms, and his ear (?) are fractured. He got fed up with surgery, and went back to work building my pit-of-doom with the other masons. He is always "Faint" because his injuries are so severe.

On the other end of the spectrum I have a dwarf with a bruised foot that stays in bed 100% of the time. /sigh ;p
2010-05-16 22:37   
Still seeing this in .04. What's more the patients this affects are still presenting the 'infinite surgery' bug that was supposed to be fixed.

This is an .03 save being played in .04. Patients lie there for a really long time with the surgeon sitting on their heads, after a while the patients get bored, get up and continue working despite debilitating injuries. Medical history shows no sign of surgery.
2010-07-15 12:39   
(edited on: 2010-07-15 12:58)
I have seen this in .10 No infinite surgery, but patients get very impatient with healthcare and march off, despite serious injuries. Some have been treated successfully, though, they tend to have less serious injuries.

I also have a child who was cleaned, and (perhaps because nobody had the labor enabled and/or there were plaster issues), stays in bed but is never treated and never heals.

Update: I was able to get them to lay down and be treated by removing all labors. Though one is stuck in a cancels clean self: location inaccessible loop.

2010-07-23 10:32   
This happened to me in .11 just now. Patient has broken shoulder and ankle but walked off in the middle of suturing and hasn't gone back to the hospital.
2010-08-02 09:58   
The two or three dwarves that have done this to me have all been "quick to heal" - and indeed, they went from red wounds to brown in a couple weeks of game time.

It's somewhat amusing that, due to the "patients never get crutches" bug, a "very quick to heal" dwarf with a mangled heart and an upper body and arms both beat to shit will be up and moving long before a "quick to heal" dwarf with a mere broken right leg.
2010-08-13 12:31   
COuld it be related to (0001534) ?

Most of these reports involve broken bones and joints
2010-09-19 15:14   
This is still happening in 31.12. Also I have several patients wounded after an ambush who are resting in the hospital but not being attended to (I have multiple medical dwarves with No Job), and others who have infections which also do not appear to be being diagnosed/treated. http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3137 [^]
2010-09-21 19:25   
I saw this just today in 31.13. Had an unfortunate cavein incident, injured the miner I was training. Shattered his legs totally, both legs red, both hips red, knocked him unconscious for a good long time. I had a hospital up and running, with a CMD with all the skills enabled (as well as 2 dedicated doctors and a nurse), but NOBODY went to recover him. After a while, he came out of being unconscious, got up, and walked all the way to the hospital on his own.
2010-11-16 16:50   
In the midst of a fatal tantrum spiral in 3.16 recently, I noticed a couple dwarves with pop-outs laid there for a surprisingly long time without dying, even though the de facto doctors couldn't treat them because they either kept tantruming or being interrupted by other dwarves' tantrums, or insisted on stitching up dwarves with less serious injuries first.

Anyway, point is, you'd think with their guts hanging out (and dwarves walking over the tiles with ~s on them!) they wouldn't last for days like that.
2010-11-22 22:46   
Same, dwarf had every bone broken, novice diagnose checked him and he just got up and went about his business as though nothing had hit him with a warhammer...


The joke is that the diagnostician had Legendary Bluff +5... Yea about those bones, they're fine... In fact they appear to be made of Adamantine.
2011-02-28 21:17   
duckthatquacks posted a save for a similar issue at 0001077:0010789:
Bugged save posted at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2768 [^] The dwarf in question is Rakust Datanottem.
2011-09-29 18:10   
My hospital has been working well in v31.25, so maybe try to upgrade your version and see if you can reproduce.

Sometimes dwarves with yellow status don't wanna go to the hospital. But severely wounded dwarves seem to treat okay in 31.25
2012-04-02 06:50   
(edited on: 2012-04-02 06:56)
34.07: http://dffd.wimbli.com/submit.php?action=message&fid=6071 [^] dwarf ('Soldier' Alathumer) is marked as diagnosis required, diagnosis is not appearing in job list, CMD is sitting with "no job" as wounded dwarf is not resting

As bonus - the same dwarf is thirsty, no job is generated, plenty of idlers.

WORKAROUND: deconstruct bed below dwarf