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0003102Dwarf FortressFirepublic2010-08-24 22:192010-08-25 08:53
Dwarf McDwarf 
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0003102: Magma in a volcano does not inflict wounds.
I got some useless migrants, as all players do I decided to drop them by a retracting bridge into the magma below and they started drowning, one of them drowned and I decided to look and none of them had wounds.
Build a bridge over a volcano

Tell Urist to step on the bridge via burrow

Pull that lever

Watch Urist drown
I am running Deons Genesis Mod and yes, I do have temprature on.
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duplicate of 0000397confirmed lethosor Creatures fall too fast through magma, die of bleeding instead of melting/suffocating, scout out/reveal areas while dying 
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Dwarf McDwarf   
2010-08-25 01:43   
Magma out of the volcano also dosen't do anything.
2010-08-25 04:46   
This would be 0000397 though it was a little hard to find since the name doesn't reflect the issue.
2010-08-25 04:59   
Yeah, it would've been better if 397 was a few separate reports, but this falls into that group. Your dwarves may no longer be taking damage, but he should've lost all his fat and some of his blood. That may not show up directly on the wounds screen - you might have to go to the healthcare screen.
2010-08-25 08:53   
There are many other temperature/magma issues at 0000307, so I made 0000397 a child of that.