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0003108Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2010-08-25 19:312010-09-07 11:38
Toady One 
0003108: Native metals/raw adamantine have default metal properties
Native metals (including raw adamantine) use METAL_TEMPLATE for most of their properties, despite ostensibly being made out of the metal they represent (note the same melting/boiling points and value).

At any rate, they wind up mostly having the properties of the default template, which I believe is based on iron. This is true regardless of the metal, whether it's gold, silver, raw adamantine, platinum, or anything else; they're all effectively iron except for a few isolated properties.

(slade is a counterexample, but the only one I could really find)
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child of 0000823resolved Toady One "Native" ores use METAL_TEMPLATE, can supposedly be used for "sharp blades" and studding (doesn't work) 
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Toady One   
2010-09-06 05:17   
They no longer use templates as of 0.31.13.