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0003118: Elf liason claims is from the mountainhome.
Just had an (E)lf liason claim he's from the mountainhomes.
Apparently sometimes the liason texts get mixed up.

The Elf arrived together with an elven caravan (long since departed).
The true liason from the undermountain that I've met earlier is a blackblooded dwarf.

This is the second visit from the elves and they previously complained about the trees I used on my topside houses. Also I definately cut down more than the 100 trees they generously allotted me since last seeing them.

They do not seem to care though and offer the same treaty of 100logs.
Just play and have the elven liason talk to the expedition leader.

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duplicate of 0002831resolved Toady One Human/elf diplomat uses Mountainhomes dialogue 
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