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0003169Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipmentpublic2010-09-07 08:342018-01-19 03:35
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0003169: Bone carvers suffer art defacement when somebody leaves the map with stuck-in masterpiece bolts
bone carvers will make masterpiece bolts and then freak out when they're shot at things and broken.
1) get a good bone carver (like like 10)
2) make him make a bunch of bolts
3) wait till he makes a masterpiece
4) shoot the bolts
6) your civilization has crumbled into dust.
this probably applies to other kinds of bolts as well
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related to 0005021resolved Toady One "Masterwork has been lost" when merchants leave with traded items 
has duplicate 0003376resolved Logical2u Bone carvers get unhappy thoughts when masterful bolts are used 
has duplicate 0006053resolved Footkerchief Masterwork wooden bolts cause art defacement penalties when broken during hunting. 
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2010-09-07 08:44   
Are you actually getting "masterpiece lost" messages?

My fortress's marksdwarves have used up thousands of masterwork bone bolts in target practice, and my bone carvers are all ecstatic.
2010-09-08 04:38   
Yes I am!

I've taken to forbidding the offending stacks of masterwork bolts.
2010-09-08 05:29   
The talk used to be that it was the number of masterworks that the crafter has that affects how disturbed he gets for art defamation. I don't know if things have changed since then though. Also I'm curious if this is target practice or live fire? Perhaps they wont be annoyed if you use them for killing things.
2010-09-08 05:57   
What did you shoot bolts at?
Maybe they're getting annoyed if you shoot things that run off map... with bolts stuck in.
2010-09-08 06:39   
My experience is the same as Quietust. I make thousands of masterwork bolts and have never had "masterpiece lost" message. Unless I destroy them in an atom smasher or something. Or melt them. They don't like it when you melt them (the metal ones, that is).
2010-10-06 10:34   
Modified the title so it's more useful for searchers.
2010-10-06 10:36   
(edited on: 2010-10-06 10:51)
I don't get the 'masterpiece lost' message, but my bonecarver got unhappy thoughts from 'art defacement' when my marksdwarf shot at some invaders. Bolts are all he's made.

EDIT: Looking closer, I found the MP lost message.

Malibu Stacey   
2010-10-07 11:22   
This doesn't affect wooden bolts. One of my embark dwarves became a Legenday Woodcrafter from a Fey mood in which she created a wooden harp. She's now churning out stacks of wooden bolts for my marksdwarves, most of which are masterwork & doesn't have any mention of art defacement in her info nor any masterwork lost announcements when they use them for training.

Looks like another artifact of the new materials system & probably related to the bug where bone artifacts don't use any materials beyond the base material no matter how many extra materials the dwarf collects.
2011-03-24 15:49   
I just had the same problem. My hunter was shooting some masterwork yak bone bolts at a mountain goat, a few got lodged into it, the goats were replaced with groundhogs at the end of the month before the one in question died (and thus vanished), taking my masterwork bolts with him.

I do not believe this is a "minor" issue. It will lead to this fort's demise due to a tantrum spiral (he lost 3 masterpieces in the blink of an eye).
2011-03-24 18:46   
Xelsol: the unhappiness caused by masterpiece destruction is inversely proportional to the number of masterpieces that have been created by the dwarf in question - if a dwarf's first and only masterpiece is destroyed, he'll go insane with grief, but if he's produced thousands of masterpieces and just one of them is destroyed, he won't mind much.
2011-03-31 12:01   
My legendary woodcrafter is now very unhappy about art defacement. After becoming legendary due to a fey mood, he made several stacks of bolts, and nothing else. There was a MP lost announcement.
2011-04-23 03:47   
still in .25
2011-08-13 14:44   
This also applies to metalworkers and metal bolts. My archers have been filling up the local demon population with steel bolts. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that some of the bolts are destroyed when they miss and sink to the bottom of the magma sea. I then invariably get the "A masterwork of Urist McMoodydwarf has been lost!" and Urist McMoodydwarf suffers the travesty of art defacement.
2011-12-25 22:18   
Does anyone know a good workaround? Obviously you can take this into account ahead of time, but will having the dwarf produce more masterpieces after the fact help any?
2011-12-27 06:55   
(edited on: 2011-12-27 06:56)
After the fact, probably not. However, churning out tons of masterpiece bolts will lessen the effect until it is less than "annoyed by the sun", ie, (new york accent) forgetta bout it.

2012-04-15 07:39   
Still in v34.07. It's really frustrating that I have to forbid every stack of steel masterwork bolts my weaponsmiths grind out, because not only do they churn them out by the ton, but they also freak out just as much if one of three hundred masterwork bolts are fired and broken as they do when one of their first 25 is. My legendary weaponcrafter went from "ecstatic" to "miserable and tantruming" in a single ambush, from the breaking (not theft) of 8 masterwork steel bolts.
2012-05-21 13:24   
This is a big deal. My best miner and part-time weaponsmith just beat my mayor/baron to death in a tantrum because a goat left with a masterwork iron bolt stuck in it's side.
2015-01-05 09:17   
The emotion system has been completely re-done since this bug was reported. Is anybody experiencing real stress problems based on bolt loss in DF 0.40.whatever?
2018-01-19 03:35   
DF 0.44.05, vanilla client. 110 population limit.

"A masterwork of Kogan Tiristzas has been lost!"

"[white]She feels [yellow:]empty[/yellow] after suffering travesty of art defacement[/white]"

This Dwarf is my WOODCRAFTER-16, who made tones of wooden hunting bolts. After clicking I get zoomed to edge of the map. I notice 5 hunters there. One of them carrying dead kakapo. I check reports and I am seeing the hunt of kakapo took place by the map edge. Like 2-5 spaces away from the place the "master work has been lost" is zoomed to. Report mentions repeat hits by master quality *oaken bolt*. Like 10 at least.

I have save. Would you like me to upload it?

My guess is a hunter shot one of those master quality bolts outside of map...