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Toady One 
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0003241: Two humans arrived in second immigration wave
I got a Drunk who's also an Adequate Mechanic, and also a Hunting Peasant who's a mason. I can't set Labor Preferences for either of them. And these dwarf wannabes drink and eat as much as my hard-working dwarves. I'm going to have to arrange for an unfortunate "accident" soon...
immigrants, labors
parent of 0003292resolved Toady One baby immigrated -- no parentage 
has duplicate 0003254resolved Toady One A migrant with the profesion "drunk". 
has duplicate 0003258resolved Toady One "war Peasant" migrant with missing labor screen 
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2010-09-15 23:56   
(edited on: 2010-09-16 00:38)
Goblin snatchers is dieing in hundreds to get even one child, and you got TWO for free! Can you breed them?
Maybe your civilization assimilated several human towns?
I`d like to have several humans or elves enlisted in my military!
Elves would make excellent harrassers with their speed and could implement "Hit and run tactic" or lure enemies into a trap!
Humans have larger size! Ang higher AGILITY. and can use mauls and twohandedswords and longswords with one hand!
They`ll go as damage dealers and main srtiking force!

Finding good armor for them would be troublesome, but several years in dander room with (and without) shield will make it unsufficient and they`ll block/dodge/parry nearly ANYTHING!

EDIT: well, the buggy thing tere - unability to set labours for them. But i`d still use them explicitly in army. And as soon as they`ll start breeding - set mothers off service for 1 year, and after that year - burrowed child and put mother back in squad.
Damn good life they had - eat, sleep, sex, drink booze, and fight! you`ve faced a true WARRIORS!!

Can you enlist them in a military?????

2010-09-16 05:19   
(edited on: 2010-09-16 05:36)
I just got a "Merchant" in my immigration wave, i think this can be linked to this bug.
Mine is a dwarf (a female, yeah !!!), but belonging to the 'merchant' profession, and with no possibility to change her labors (v/p menu is empty). No possibility either to put her in a squad, but can be used as a noble (trader for example).
Will try to upload my next save with her.

Here it is: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3120 [^]
(this migration wave was strange as it should not have occurred, since my pop limit is 110 and i already got 119 dwarves :o)

2010-09-16 05:49   
I`ve got "Merchant" too. He was in bronze FullPlate armor with bronze shield and bronze battle axe. As soon as he got inside fortress, he dumped equipment into stockpile and my militia commander instanly grabbed ALL of it.
2010-09-16 08:32   
I've received a migrant with ranks in Military Tactics, a previously unknown skill; probably related to this. Unfortunately he died before he made it into the base so I didn't get to test anything with him, but several others have reported seeing this on the forums.
2010-09-16 08:54   
I've had this same bug. They were dwarfs, not humans though. I've had 2 drunks, 2 war peasants (who can be assigned to dwarfs like dogs), and a thief.

None of these dwarfs can be assigned labor or to military.. but they can be assigned to nobility. Good picks for bookkeeper/manager/trader :)
2010-09-16 11:37   
Immigration seems to be generaly buggy now. I often get 'buggy' dwarves (war peasants, thieves), but also legendary weapon users. There are also problems with immigration messages.
My fortress also often gets the 'terrifying certain death for immigrants' message when an immigrant wave arrives, and no message at all when no immigrants arrive (there used to be a 'your fortress attracted no immigrants this season'.
2010-09-16 18:23   
Yeah, immigration is pretty futzed up now. I can report an instance of Military Tactics skill, War Peasant (died before i could try assigning him as war animal though), and the inappropriate immigration messages.
2010-09-16 23:05   
I was able to draft my dwarven "Merchant" immigrant by making him milita commander - he then became leader of squad, picked up equipment and started to do individual drills.

I can seccond "Certain death" immigration message and lack of messages for no immigration.
2010-09-18 19:28   
Does this happen in worlds generated with version 0.31.12 and earlier, or does it only happen with 0.31.13-generated worlds?
2010-09-19 04:19   
It happened on my pre 0.31.13 world.
With Dwarf Therapist, it's possible to assign them jobs, as for any other dwarf.

Toady One   
2010-09-21 03:22   
World gen speed optimization splatted the migrant code, annoyingly enough. This should be cleaned up for 0.31.14.