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0003249Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2010-09-16 11:112012-02-14 17:05
Windows Vista 64bit Business
0003249: Crash using zoom to site feature in adventure mode quest screen.
Was looking around on quest screen for sites and z key caused a crash.
Adventure Mode. Press Q. Press down and then z over and over.
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duplicate of 0003762resolved Baughn Crash on moving (k) cursor over certain spatters with TrueType (long names?) 
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Reminder sent to: tripphippy

Have you been able to reproduce this? I've tried several saves across several versions and haven't seen this happen. Is it possible you had TrueType enabled (it started in this version 31.13)?
2012-02-14 17:04   
Never heard back from the OP initially or got any corroboration, so we'll call this one a dupe.