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0003285Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2010-09-19 14:272011-03-23 13:04
Toady One 
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0003285: Different Squad showing up
I tried to make a squad in one world but it kept telling me that the squad I just made was from a different world (rather, it had the same name, armor specs, and weapons specs for each position and even the same order to kill a troglobyte) but no dwarf in any position. I was able to make a second squad, different than the one before, but I still had to keep the old one as it kept overriding any attempt to assign dwarves to it. Also the second squad kept the ability to do civilian jobs despite being active.
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child of 0001806resolved Toady One Non-cancelled kill orders persist into newly generated world and fortress. 
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2010-09-19 15:17   
The preserved troglodyte kill order looks to be a duplicate of 0001806.

This may also be related to the various military interface crashes that have been observed - it seems like it's not clearing out squad information when you save a game and then immediately load another one.
2010-10-19 20:21   
Yeah it seems so, oh well.
2010-10-20 18:06   
Interdimensional Dwarven Justice Team!

That said, does quitting and reopening DF between loading games fix this?
2010-10-23 01:45   
No idea.