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0003299Dwarf FortressAnimal Populationspublic2010-09-23 06:322014-01-17 10:41
Toady One 
0003299: Blind cave bears have front toes on both front and rear feet
The creature BLIND_CAVE_BEAR in creature_next_underground.txt has a slightly erroneous BODY tag which gives it two pairs of front toes (5TOES_FQ) and no pairs of rear toes (5TOES_RQ). It has front feet and rear feet as normal, but all toes are referred to as front toes.

This does not seem to matter at all to the vanilla game. I only noticed it because it creates an error with an animalman mod I was working on. It does seem to be inconsistent with how the rest of the creatures are defined.
Edit the creature_next_underground.txt and remove the ARENA_RESTRICTED tag from blind cave bears. Go into the testing arena and create a blind cave bear and a bunch of cats or something. Note that as the blind cave bear's toes get nibbled off they're all referred to as front toes, not rear toes.
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Toady One   
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This should be sorted out for 0.31.15.