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0003307Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-09-24 02:492010-09-24 05:25
0003307: Immigrants did not come.
When it was time for my second immigrant wave (my fist took quite some time to arrive, if that could help) I got the message "No one even concidered making the journey to such a cursed death-trap this season."

So far I have had NO deaths. The only one who got into a mood that far (possessed) got what he needed. The only deaths that has occurred at all are deaths of fishes, turtles and random vermin.

I write this report as I think it might be interesting for future similar bugs.
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duplicate of 0003228resolved Footkerchief Recieved migrant message "Migrants brave this terrifying place..." despite no deaths. 
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Duplicate of 0003228. Please present further evidence there. There are some indications that this may be fixed in version 31.14 so please try that version.