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0003333: Sparring broken / annoying demonstrations
My military dwarves usually do combat demonstrations and individual drills but even when they spar (which they do rarely), they dont get any injuries at all. It seems to me that they dont even fight properly, since theres no blood either.

I started equipping them with wooden, and then steel weapons for training but even that didnt seem to hurt them in sparring sessions.

Also sparring seems to occur only when there are only 2-3 squad members without a particular fighting skill. All in all it makes training up the attributes take way too long (no gain in 2 years).

Set a big squad (more than 5) to train all year in a random barracks and see what happens.
There should be a method to schedule squads to either drill (like individual combat drills and demonstrations) or to SPAR separately in different orders, since now that those demonstrations work, the sparring seems to be lower priority.

That way you could choose between a more risky but more efficient way of training, and a slow but safe way. You could even add some kind of fighting dummies to practice striking with weapons until novice level or something.

Besides that, It's annoying when some of the dwarves have for example a good skill in swords, but youre trying to set up a spear troop, and they start teaching others in swordfighting.

Also it makes training doctors near impossible in calm surroundings.
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