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0003355Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-10-02 16:152012-02-24 12:21
Toady One 
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0003355: [FIREBREATH]-Attacks have no effect on enemy creature
The Fireball-Attacks of fire imps and other creatures with the [FIREBREATH]-Tag (not the [DRAGONFIREBREATH]-one) doesn't seem to hurt other creatures directly.
You get an announcment: "X is cought in a ball of fire", but the affected creature takes no damage, doesn't melt, doesn't burn ...
Start the arena, create a fire imp, create another creature that is hostile to it, wait till the imp breaths fire, see how its enemy is unharmed by it.
Arena Mode, creature, fire
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2010-10-02 16:21   
I observed this as well with a miner being chased by a fire man - despite being hit with dozens of bursts of flame, he never took any damage. However, once my steel-clad legendary axedwarf killed it, all of his fat melted off and he bled to death, so maybe it's another temperature transfer issue.
2010-10-02 16:31   
Fire men burst into flames when they take damage - and this fire seems to work quite well. It's just the fire balls that are noneffective.
2010-11-27 21:43   
Ah, that's part of what's happening to me when trying to port Spirits of Fire forward from - their fire attacks are useless.

The other half is that the FLAME template seems to have some issues keeping itself coherent, and hand-to-hand attacks don't work very well, although it's a little difficult to tell without extensive testing as burning damage isn't reported in combat logs at all...

The good news is stepping into a running stream causes it to dry up as expected.
2012-02-24 12:14   
This is basically resolved in the newest versions.