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0003375Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2010-10-05 18:212010-11-25 14:37
Malibu Stacey 
Toady One 
0003375: Site finder wastes a lot of time searching through sites after it's found a match
The site finder will always return the first site it finds which matches your criteria. However even if it finds it in the first region & you have generated a large world with 289 regions for it to check, you will still be forced to wait for it to search through the other 288 regions before it will show you the result.
Use the site finder.
Ideally the site finder would present you with a list of sites which match your criteria & allow you to inspect each of them but as suggesting interface changes is verboten in these parts perhaps just making it stop when it find the first match would be a decent interim solution.
embark, site finder
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(edited on: 2010-10-05 20:32)
Its been like that for a very long time, it's just the way it works and Toady realizes that it's kind of inefficient.

This is more of a suggestion than anything since the site finder doesn't just need a fix, it needs an overhaul.

Given all the new features, its much easier to just go and scout out sites yourself.

2010-10-06 06:13   
Why would you even need the site finder anymore? Previously you might need it to find lava, HFS, caves, etc. Now, you're guarantied to have these things. Evil/savagery/etc are pretty easy to find visually using the map.
2010-11-25 03:16   
Reason for continued existance of the site finder and why this should be closed -->

"I've redistributed mineral, animals and plants. Metal isn't as easy to find, so I've added metal/soil to the site finder, allowed it to mark multiple hits (one per map square), allowed you to break out of it as it is chugging along" - Toady

Kwieland, remember that DF has quite a few features that have little to no use right now, but would take effort to remove. And as they're the basis for planned future additions, it would be a waste of effort.
Plus leaving them in potentially causes awesome bugs, which are both awesome, and can be fixed before said future additions get implemented.
2010-11-25 06:29   
Would it be that hard for the site finder to dump an output file of all the matches it found, rather than just moving the site to the first one in the list, though? I would rather have a site finder that searched the entire world and returned a list of every match it could find, than one that stops the search at the first site.
2010-11-25 08:47   
Good catch, Naros.