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0003452Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2010-10-22 07:062010-10-22 08:20
Ogg the Blinky Sock 
IntelOS X/Wine (ie PC version)
0003452: Gem and stone types appear after metal types in bar/block stockpile interface.
In both the 'bar: metal' and the 'block: metal' menu items of the bar/block stockpile interface, the list of metals is followed by a list of all gem types, and then a list of all stone types: so that one has the option of allowing or disallowing, for instance, a ruby bar, or a chert block. Note that the latter would duplicate the functionality of 'block: stone', if it worked. I haven't experimented to find out whether or not it actually does so, as this is likely irrelevant to the resolution of the bug.
Create bar/block stockpile. Select as building. Open settings menu. Et cetera.
I'm running the PC version on Mac OS with Wine (a set of freeware Windows-equivalent libraries), but I've not yet come across any unusual errors attributable to this. It's worth keeping in mind, but shouldn't be a source of problems with game logic.
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duplicate of 0000157resolved Toady One Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics 
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Closing as a duplicate. This is definitely covered under one of the many children/duplicates of 0000157.