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0003461Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2010-10-23 13:572021-08-30 13:21
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0003461: Underground animal people don't arrive from off-map to invade your fortress
Bug 0003337 implies that underground animal-man civilizations are meant to attack your fortress once you discover/disturb them; however, in running 2 different fortress for over 15 years each, I have yet to observe this happen.

My first fortress had both antmen (which died of old age soon after I opened the caverns - by the time I got around to exploring, they were already dead) and cave fish men (whose blowguns were utterly ineffective against my military), and my second fortress also had antmen (which ended up getting killed by a forgotten beast). Neither fortress ever saw another antman or cave fish man beyond the initial settlement.
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2010-10-23 19:09   
Er, not sure what this has to do with 0000972...
2010-10-23 21:18   
Funny how I guessed you'd say that.

Technically it's a child of 440, but they are slightly different behaviours so rather than being a dupe it's just "related", so it's better to branch them off the same parent.

There's no appropriate advancement of 'time' for anyone other than people you control (Dwarves in dwarf mode, adventurers in adventuring mode).

This causes the following

1. Historical figures (kings, liasons, people in villages, and in your case animalperson tribes) die of old age when you find them.
2. Historical figures don't properly repopulate when you're playing. This means that you don't get a new king or liason, villages can empty out entirely, and in your case animalpersons on your map die out entirely.

Also, I should note that animalperson civs are currently local only. That is, there will not be a seige of animalpeople in the current release. Essentially you killed them all, there will never be any more.

(In fact, I doubt this is really a bug, more of a misinterpretation, of animalperson behaviour)

2010-10-23 21:49   
The dev log entry back from January 9th mentions "underground invasions", and Toady's comment in the fix for 0003337 suggested that "irritating their cave feature" is supposed to trigger invasions.
2010-10-23 22:24   
I'm pretty sure that comment on "irritating their cave feature" is more along the line of "your fortress will not be invaded by lizardmen just because you built on their city. You have to find their city first.".
2011-04-01 13:37   
(edited on: 2011-04-01 13:44)
I have to disagree with the relationship to 0000972 and 0000440. Off-map arrivals and repopulation of world gen populations are almost completely separate issues, there's nothing to suggest that this is linked to depletion of a map feature's abstract population, and invasions by underground animal people are definitely supposed to be a working feature.

On topic: this report could use further corroboration. Has anyone ever seen underground animal people invade from off-map in 31.x?

2021-08-30 13:21   
(edited on: 2022-08-26 07:53)
It appears that version 0.47.05 does have logic to check if a Civilization is associated with a Feature Layer and to summon an attack if that layer's Irritation (+100 for woodcutting/fishing, +WEIGHT for dumping garbage) gets too high. I haven't played the current version enough to determine whether underground animal peoples actually have everything set up properly for this to occur, though.

There also seems to be an unused "plot_event" type which was used for Feature Attacks in older versions (e.g. to make fire imps climb out of the magma pipe and go on a rampage), but nothing appears to generate those events anymore.