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0003511: Weaponmasters' labour settings are cleared
I'm not quite certain exactly when this happens, it may be upon reaching the weaponmaster threshold, or it might be some other, higher value. In any case, my highly skilled soldiers have their labour settings completely emptied. I only noticed this after I put some civilians for part-time military training, and found that my custom settings for their labours were cleared away.
1. Set dorfs some labour settings.
2. Have dorfs train until they're uber.
3. Check the labour settings when they reach weaponmastery - they now have no labours enabled.
This may be a holdover from 40d's Champion status, which made a dwarf completely useless for non-military applications.
labor, weaponmasters
duplicate of 0003100resolved Toady One Military dwarves turn off all of their labors when becoming heroes 
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Crap, this should have went into "Dwarf Mode: Jobs, Military".
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Duplicate of 0003100.
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Yep, sounds like 3100.