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0003542Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2010-11-11 18:222015-01-19 16:16
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0003542: Segfault: Asked for nonexistent texture data
Last two lines in my terminal:
Asked for nonexistent texture data
Segmentation fault
Unknown... it was probably a random thing that went awry. It happened in Adventure mode near a shop. Can probably provide a save, but I was just starting on this (8th, I think) adventurer and didn't really pay attention to what civ I started in.
New window size: 1280x400
Font size: 16x16
Resizing grid to 80x25
Resizing font to 16x16
0.31.16, 31.17, adventure mode, crash, Dwarf, font, Truetype
has duplicate 0004787resolved Dwarfu Asked for nonexistent texture data crash 
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2010-11-11 18:24   
P.S. Completely vanilla version, no mods installed. Only a few settings changed in init.txt and d_init.txt
2010-11-13 10:45   
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Have been experiencing this problem in 0.31.16 and now 0.31.17 on both Linux and Mac clients. It appears to be an issue (in my case) with the TTF font. I'm guessing this is an issue with the game being unable to find a specific glyph in the file. I can repeatably cause the crash by opening up a specific submenu (e.g. individual statues to build [b-s-<place>-x]) that contains an item with funky characters with a particular data/art/font.ttf. Using a different font.ttf solves the problem, and the crash does not occur when reverting back to the original font.ttf after the item with funky characters is no longer in the menu.

2011-07-27 11:59   
This has nothing to do with truetype, but it is indeed resolved in the next version.

Technically it's a bug in the tileset (missing tile), but these will show as pink tiles from the next version on.