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Toady One 
0003564: 31.16 save crashes after a few minutes in 31.17
My current fort from an earlier release, cant remember which 31.x version though.

When the save is copied from 31.16 to 31.17, the game loads but crashes after 5-10 mins. This has happened twice, and I have redownloaded the sdl version and the 'no sound' version to check it wasnt a corrupt download.

If the raws from the 31.16 save are replaced with the 31.17 raws in the 31.17 directory, the the save fails to load at all, crashing out after a minute or so of attempting to load.

There are a number of dead dwarves lying in the two exposed cavern layers in the save, unburied, in various states of decomposure. Not sure what else has been added to dwarf mode that might cause a conflict with an old save.
Open up 31.16 save in 31.17, admire the chaos, disorder, and ten bed bound injured dwarves and wait for a crash.

Link to file:

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3395 [^]
There are also a couple of severely injured dwarves lying around not in beds or hospital. No real issue, but messy. They seem to have decided to stay where they fell, and no one will move them to hospital.
31.17, crash, save game
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Toady One   
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Since you have weapon traps all over and weapon trap reports in the combat log, I'm going to assume this one is the weapon trap crash, which should be fixed for 0.31.18.