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0003576Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2010-11-13 05:422010-11-21 12:52
Toady One 
IntelWindows XPXP SP3
0003576: Fortress mode game crash due to weapon traps
The game crashes shortly after a merchant caravan arrives and starts unloading. The provided save is just after the I have given orders to haul goods to the depot. I suspect there is also a goblin ambush on the map, and it is possible the crash occurs at the point where they unstealth.

I have had one goblin ambush in the previous year (all goblins killed with no dwarven casualties, no goblins caged).

I have tried the following (each on a separate load), and the crash still occurs:

- disbanding the military (two squads, one 4-man squad of melee and 5-man squad of marksdwarves) by removing all dwarves from the squads and disbanding the squads
- setting one or both of the squads to inactive
- reassigning new equipment to all active soldiers

I have not reached magma on this map, and am not melting anything. All smelters are fuel-based.

It is possible that this is related to 0003571 (crash when dwarf injured by wooden spike), if it is crashing when a bowgoblin popping out from ambush hits one of my dwarves (I have several woodcutters out and about on the surface).
Load provided save, wait a few minutes.
31.17, traps
has duplicate 0003588resolved Logical2u "Segmentation fault" when a giant olm walks in weapon trap 
has duplicate 0003604resolved Logical2u ambushes cause game to crash (maybe) 
has duplicate 0003615resolved Toady One Enemy touches stone fall trap, game crashes 
child of 0003554resolved Toady One Game crashes when upright spike traps hit dwarves. 
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Forgot to mention the save - it is uploaded at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3401 [^]


I tried a bunch of stuff to get past the crash point (I wanted to save this fort).
By chance, a kitten exposed the goblin ambush squad before they could reach my gate. I noticed the game crashed just as the lead goblin stepped on a weapon trap (2x serrated steel discs).

Reloaded, and dismantled the weapon traps at the entrance. The game now continued as normal, the goblins appeared by the trade depot, no crash.

I exited using ctrl-alt-del, and reloaded, this time ordering all dwarves back to burrows and stationing melee dwarves by entrance. Again, the game crashes once a goblin hits a weapon trap.

Would it be possible to change the issue title to "Crash on triggering weapon trap"?

2010-11-13 10:17   
I have a recurring crash right now involving a kobold; someone is interrupted by its appearance and then the game crashes. I was fortunate enough to save right before it happens, and it appears to happen every time.

I'll upload it soon.
2010-11-13 10:18   
I'm not sure if weapon traps have anything to do with it, but perhaps the kobold's trap avoid ability plays in to a similar situation as with the goblins; otherwise, it may be a trigger related to the ambush mechanism.
2010-11-13 11:17   
I'm having a similar issue when racoon's rush into my stone fall traps. First trigger of the trap crashes the game This is on a new fort gen'ed in 31.17. Repeated the crash three times, always when a stone fall trap is triggered. This is on the Linux distribution, Kubuntu 10.10.
2010-11-13 12:15   
ivze has this linux version save for us: http://ivze.sknt.ru/df_linux_olm_segfault.tar.lzma [^]
2010-11-13 19:22   
I can confirm that my .17 save is crashing when weapon traps are triggered. Cage traps are working fine.

When a Goblin ambush steps on my weapon traps with 1x serrated steel discs, the game immediately crashes. If the traps aren't triggered or I remove them, everything runs fine.
Toady One   
2010-11-14 05:01   
The weapon trap crash was coming from the new announcement colors... fixed for 0.31.18.