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0003597Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2010-11-13 19:242014-01-27 13:07
Captain Mayday 
0003597: [LOCAL_BANDITRY] bandits are targets of own civ's bandit quests
My understanding of 'local banditry' is that these are basically patrols of sorts by the parent civ. When playing as a member of that civ, you receive quests to kill these 'bandits', thereby turning the entire civilisation against you on success.
Either they shouldn't be offering these quests, or the bandits shouldn't be getting recognised as members of the civilisation.
easiest method:
Allow goblins to become adventurers.
Play a goblin adventurer and go and take out a group of bandits they complain about.
Return to goblin quest-givers.
Be killed for your treachery.
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EDIT: Went to the DF main page. Noticed a update that fixes a bug in which "you'd become a criminal in adventure mode just by going back to a store". That fits into my situation. Ignore this post.