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0003605Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Stealthpublic2010-11-14 06:262014-07-15 10:37
Toady One 
Mac OS X10.5.8
0003605: Party unjoins when sneaking player is spotted
On my newest elven adventurer, whenever I'm sneaking and an enemy spots me, but not when I stop sneaking on my own, all members of my party stop being members. Their symbols revert from '@' to 'Ü' and my 'c' screen shows only myself.

They still fight on my side, and I can talk to them and re-recruit them. If I do that, they will show up twice on the 'c' screen.

If I 'T'ravel without re-recruiting them and move around a bit, I will be alone. If I then return, everyone will still be there and will be part of my party again.
Recruit some party members, move next to a camp or a lair, sneak, let an enemy spot you.
fixed, Fixed in 0.40.01?
has duplicate 0003646resolved Logical2u Stealthing Into Lairs removes companions 
has duplicate 0005926resolved Knight Otu Followers stop Following after coming out of Stealth 
has duplicate 0006496resolved Footkerchief Companions become normal soldiers when I sneak 
related to 0005162acknowledged Footkerchief Companions spontaneously leave group and can be re-recruited, resulting in duplicate entries in companion list 
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2014-07-15 10:16   
While I were sneaking, I was spotted and my followers didn't unjoin. As sneaking completly changed , we may consider this one fixed.
Knight Otu   
2014-07-15 10:37   
Thanks, thvaz!