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0003622: Floor hatches over ramps disrupt merchant pack animals
Elven merchants visited my fortress after I installed hatch covers over all of my ramps, and when one of the merchants was forced to step down one of the ramps for a moment (the path to the depot involved no ramps, but some other nearby units were in the way), the hatch closed and caused the pack animal to escape, drop all of its goods, and eventually wander to the map edge and leave. The merchant is still sitting in the depot without her pack animal, and the traders are still willing to trade. Once the caravan departed, the horseless merchant simply walked to the map edge like normal, though much more quickly, and all of the others left like usual.
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Upon closer investigation, the problem may be that the pack animal (or merchant) stepped onto the floor hatch and somebody then opened it from underneath, causing it to fall down and be separated from the caravan.