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0003625Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2010-11-15 01:092010-11-15 12:20
0003625: Crutches in bags continue to be used
Crutches in adventuring mode behave a bit oddly. If you carry a bag in one hand, pick up a crutch with the other, then put the crutch into the bag, the character will continue to crutch walk, gaining skill and suffering from the reduced speed.

Interestingly, this continues even if you drop the crutch from the bag afterwards. Crutch-walking experience continues to be accumulated, and the character is still slowed down.

From the latter, I assume this bug occurs even if you store the crutch in a backpack after holding it, but I currently do not have a backpack on this adventurer to test that. I'll add more results as soon as I get my hands on one.
1. Hold back in one hand
2. Hold crutch in the other
3. Put crutch in bag
4. Watch as speed remains low and crutch-walking experience continues to raise as you walk.
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duplicate of 0002283resolved Toady One Adventurer can drop a crutch in a number of ways that don't remove the crutch-walking status 
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2010-11-15 01:48   
I just got a backpack and tested it.

Doesn't matter if the container is in a grasp or not, the bug occurs even with a backpack.

Lets you, when you're unable to walk, fight with a weapon and a shield even while crutchwalking. Pretty abusable.
2010-11-15 10:15   
This looks like a duplicate of 0002283.
2010-11-15 12:13   
Huh, yes. It is.

I tried a search for "crutch" before posting this and managed -not- to find the other entry, sorry.
2010-11-15 12:16   
I was trying to think of a witty crutch related pun, but failed.

Marked as a duplicate.