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0003646Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2010-11-16 19:202010-11-16 20:20
Windows 7 64 bit
0003646: Stealthing Into Lairs removes companions
I've been slaying night creatures, and I've found it's best to sneak into their lairs. However, after slaying such a creature and moving on, I left the travel screen to find my companions no longer traveling with me. Pressing "c" does not display the human soldiers as my companions (though they continue to flash as if they were), and the soldiers simply remain clumped up on the Night Creature's corpse, standing indefinitely.
1. Recruit one or more followers
2. Find Night Creature Lair
3. Enter Sneak mode
4. Trigger Night Creature announcement speech "I am so and so, having killed such and such prepare to die"
5. Have followers engage night creature
6. Get spotted
7. Commence combat with night creature, killing it.
8. Find your companions inexplicably bound to the area of the night creature's corpse, and gone from the companion menu.
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duplicate of 0003605resolved Toady One Party unjoins when sneaking player is spotted 
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This sounds like a more specific case of 0003605.