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0003686Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2010-11-20 06:012013-03-04 02:36
Ogg the Blinky Sock 
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0003686: Dwarf is 'Not Wrestler' as Candidate, 'Novice Wrestler' as Squad Member. Plus Bonus Feedback!!!
The dwarf in question, currently off duty and carving wooden bolts, is a competent fighter, a novice striker, and a novice wrestler; however, the last two skills are rusty.

minor notes on military screens, as a player:

(1) Please fix the thing where the list of squads jumps back to the beginning every time one changes views! The odds are that I wish to do something with the squad I have already selected, like alter their equipment to match dwarves abilities, for instance.
Military, military screen, skills, squads, Wrestlers
duplicate of 0002478resolved Toady One Military screen has same text for rusty skills and absent skills 
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Your notes 2-5 are suggestions and would be better placed on the suggestions forum, as we are currently not using the tracker for suggestions. I've saved them for you though - PM me on the forums if you want them to post on the suggestions forum.
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And the bug itself if a duplicate of 0003137.