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0003688Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Economicspublic2010-11-20 07:102010-11-20 07:34
king doom 
0003688: When given the option to apoint a baron, if you refuse, the liason leaves without discussing trade.
Like it says in the title, really. Get to the point where you are given the offer to make a baron. Refuse and the outpost liason will leave without setting up any trade agreements. I can confirm this is repeatable, since it's happened three times in a row.
Gear up a fortress to the point where the liason offers to allow you to apoint a baron. Refuse, he will leave immediately without setting up any trade arangements. He will do this every time he arrives from now on.
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duplicate of 0003451new  When declining to appoint a baron, liaison/diplomat skips trade agreements 
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