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0003701Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-11-21 06:182010-11-21 07:31
0003701: Military dwarfs lose "-lord" status with new month
Each new month, a random number of my military dwarfs cycle through becoming civilians and then instantly rejoining the military. The result is that my 30 axelords will reduce to 12, or 8, or 20, or some other random number every month, with those who went through the civilian cycle returning to mere "axedwarf" status.

This results in the need to constantly retrain my military and causes monthly military spam in the status screen.
I have tried disbanding and rebuilding my squads, changing the schedules, rebuilding the barracks... this problem persists regardless.
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duplicate of 0001577resolved Toady One High Master Hammerdwarf gets labeled as plain "Hammerdwarf" rather than "Hammerlord" when put back on duty 
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0001577 (and its children) rears its head again.