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0000372Dwarf FortressReactionspublic2010-04-04 01:502010-07-08 05:35
Toady One 
Windows XP
0000372: Soap maker workshop does not have the "make soap" option; via manager works OK
I have a soap maker's workshop, with tallow and lye barrels in a nearby stockpile.

However, the workshop lists no tasks at all under the 'add task' screen. Yes, I do have the necessary inputs available.

If I add a global "Make soap" task via the job manager (u-m-q), then it gets allocated to the workshop and successfully produces some soap. (Mmmm, donkey soap.)
has duplicate 0000572closed Footkerchief Soap-making is broken 
child of 0000262resolved Toady One Render Fat job not in menu at kitchen, works in manager 
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2010-04-05 23:10   
I have to add: not only it doesn't have the "make soap" option in the workshop, even after the soap is made it is not hauled away and stays in the workshop forever.
2010-04-06 09:55   
I dismantled the workshop and all the soap was laying around. After some time I looked and it was no longer there, so maybe the dwarfs hauled it away somewhere, but I can't find it in any of my stockpiles. I even designated a stockpile specificaly for soap, the dwarfs put one wooden bin there, but it stays empty.
2010-04-11 16:16   
This one is fixed in 31.02, can someone close it please?
2010-04-11 17:36   
It wasn't fixed in .02 for me.
2010-04-11 18:51   
I saw this occur in .02 as well. The first time I had the materials available I saw the option to make soap but it disappeared in a flash and never came back.
2010-04-24 18:46   
This actually occurs in .03 aswell, not to mention the fat relation happening to .03 too.
2010-06-22 05:01   
This one still exists in .08 for me
Toady One   
2010-07-08 05:35   
This should be fixed for 0.31.09.