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0000374Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2010-04-04 01:572014-08-28 11:49
Windows XP
0000374: Deconstructing a restraint (chain/rope) with an animal tethered ends up leaving the restraint on the animal
If you:

- construct a chain
- assign an animal to it, wait for it to arrive
- deconstruct the chain

Then the chain ends up attached to the animal's upper body and is unavailable unless you explicitly find and dump it.
(as above)
animals, chain, deconstruct
has duplicate 0000403closed Footkerchief removing a restraint w/animal chained destroys the rope 
has duplicate 0003087resolved Logical2u ropes 'vanish' after deconstruction. 
related to 0003912new  Chains do not prevent removal of creature by fluid flow, and become unusable after creature removed. 
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2010-08-22 11:22FootkerchiefSummaryDeconstructing a chain with an animal tethered ends up leaving the chain on the animal => Deconstructing a restraint (chain/rop) with an animal tethered ends up leaving the restraint on the animal
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2011-03-26 12:49FootkerchiefSummaryDeconstructing a restraint (chain/rop) with an animal tethered ends up leaving the restraint on the animal => Deconstructing a restraint (chain/rope) with an animal tethered ends up leaving the restraint on the animal
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2010-04-04 06:02   
This occured in the previous version(s?) of the game as well, so not a new issue.
2010-04-20 04:04   
Try that in real life with a dog. What happens? ... You get a dog wandering around with a chain attached. I think it's a feature, not bug. Or at least think it should be a feature.
2010-04-20 04:58   
you should however be able to 'build' the chain back to the ground without going top the pain of finding it and dumping it, if it is a feature, (to be honest I like it as a feature, it just needs fixing to be able to use the chain still.)
2010-04-20 07:26   
What Chromasphere said. It sounds normal to me and its easy enough to remember to unchain the animal first.
2010-04-20 09:48   
This was considered a bug in the old version, so it's still a bug now.

# 000177 □ [dwarf mode][jobs][animal handling] if you remove a chain building with an animal attached, the chain stays with the animal
2010-09-25 18:28   
This still occurs in 31.12
2014-08-28 11:49   
For chains that are remotely deconstructed using a lever, this is quite obviously by design, since the game is explicitly inserting the chain into the unit's inventory - logically, triggering the mechanism causes the chain to detach from the floor.

The fact that it happens for manually deconstructed chains as well is probably just due to it not having special logic for that case.