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0003744: Suitably small large creatures are not damaged by magma
In my current fortress, all newly born puppies and kittens are promptly dropped into a shallow pool of magma. Some of them will bleed to death within a short period of time, while others will just sit in the magma indefinitely without ever taking any damage; if I fill the pool up completely and cover it up, then they drown.

The threshold for magma immunity is likely the same as with butchering yielding nothing more than a skull (see 0001047).
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2010-11-29 05:45   
Interestingly, after doing a save/reload, the 2 kittens swimming in the magma promptly died.
2010-11-30 20:03   
Not constructive at all but I can't resist saying this:

Kittens are now immune to magma. We are now powerless to stop the catsplosion.
2014-07-23 07:49   
Tested (fully grown) rabbits and cavies (the smallest animals in the raws I think) in the arena and they bled to death instantly. But this is covered by another issue where people just bled to death instead of being charred by magma.