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0000377Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Generalpublic2010-04-04 03:012018-06-02 11:30
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0000377: Doors do not deconstruct when all adjacent walls are removed
Previously if a door no longer had any adjacent walls it would deconstruct itself. Now the door can remain as a free standing object after the wall is removed. This is potentially an exploitable behavior and should maybe be fixed.
1. place a single wall tile in an open area
2. place door adjacent to this wall
3. remove the wall
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2010-07-07 16:46   
I can confirm this in 31.08. If the only adjacent wall is a natural wall, mining it out will deconstruct the door. But if the only adjacent wall is a constructed wall, removing it with Remove Construction will leave the door suspended in midair.
2010-07-07 17:53   
# 000593 □ [dwarf mode][buildings] (http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=7384.0 [^]) doors do not come down when constructions next to them are removed

2012-03-11 16:12   
As an addition to this, doors do not even deconstruct when the tile they are resting on becomes deconstructed. This applies to floodgates as well, probably any furniture. It's exploitable-- consider the discussion at http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=103940.msg3073949#msg3073949, [^] which is about a technique for which hanging doors/floodgates are useful. Last confirmed in v34.05.
2018-05-22 04:48   
Still in 44.10