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0003771Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2010-12-03 14:112016-01-19 08:51
Knight Otu 
0003771: Demonic prisoners can become civ leaders while still prisoners
When civilizations conquer sites with demonic leaders and take those prisoner, that demon can occasionally become the leader of the imprisoning civilization without losing the prisoner status or impersonating a deity.
The following worldgen has most recently resulted in this behavior for me:

Created in DF v0.31.18.


The culprit is the mouse devil Yetine, who became the master of the Tufted Ticks in 7, was imprisoned by the Confederacies of Wiping in 87, and became the law-giver of the Confederacies in 499 when the previous law-giver died without an eligible heir (all but one either dying before him or being abducted by goblins, and the last being too young to rule).
If necessary, I can still upload the save.
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2011-03-26 14:54   
Noticed this times today in 31.23 with a few goblins taking control of a human civ.

I've got The Glowing Nations (Humans) waging war on The Roasted Lies (Goblins) off and on for about 200 years.

First we got Stasost Vicemaggot a Law-giver of The Roasted Lies. In the early part 192 she gives birth to her daughter Osnun Plaguerank. Later in the fall of that year Stasost is taken prisoner by The Glowing Nations and is killed shortly after by a night creature in a beast attack. Legends doesn't indicate that her daughter is captured, but 12 years later she becomes a Law-giver for The Glowing Nations. She doesn't even live a year as leader and is killed dueling a giant in a beast attack.

50 years later Ngerxung Blackseduced begins a reign as a Law-giver for The Roasted Lies and 8 years later in the last battle that destroys them, she is taken prisoner. The next year she becomes becomes the leader of The Glowing Nations. She spams the logs creating a lord position (0004167) for 30 years and is killed dueling a night creature in a beast attack.

And finally in 410, Arat Applesstrapped of unknown parentage and only a member of The Roasted Lies becomes a Law-giver for The Glowing Nations then dies a couple years later dueling a troll in a beast attack.
Pickled Tink   
2011-05-17 03:54   
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I had the same issue with a goblin prisoner becoming the law giver of a human Civilisation while still being a prisoner, and then appointing lords. The only difference is that he became law giver the same season he was captured. Then the fact that I rescued him with my epic adventurer and went on to fight crime with him :D

This was in 0.31.25

2016-01-04 17:20   
I've seen this happen with site leaders in 0.42.04.
2016-01-19 08:51   
I've always found this behavior charming, at least when it happens with demons. It seems mythologically appropriate that a demon, or possibly a very clever lesser being, could become the de facto ruler of a site even from inside a prison cell.