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0003788Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-12-07 20:002014-01-22 11:26
0003788: Military dissapears
When I appoint a militia commander and assign it a squad, then go out of the military screen, then go back into the screen, the squad members have gone from the list, it has just an empty squad. Also in the units and nobles screen, there is no militia commander. Yet using the squads interface, I can still order around the squad and the squad members will turn into military dwarfs and will follow orders.
1. Make militia commander.
2. Assign it a squad and squad members.
3. Leave the screen and play a bit.
4. Go back into military screen.
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duplicate of 0004099resolved Toady One Missing dwarfs in squad screen 
related to 0000319resolved Toady One Militia commander/captain positions are assignable on the nobles screen, but silently change back 
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