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0003834Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-12-21 19:522011-02-05 17:33
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Windows 7
0003834: Elite Marksdwarves lose elite status when unstationed
Elite Marksdwarves (possibly other elite military units) will revert back to normal marksdwarves when they're station or kill order is canceled.
Get a Dwarf, shove a crossbow in his hands, wait until he reaches elite status. Tell him to kill something (so he reaches elite status), then cancel, and when you tell him to station again he'll return to the original marksdwarf.
This bug is additionally annoying as military personal remove labor assignments when they reach elite.

I do not know if this affects other dwarven elites.
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duplicate of 0001577resolved Toady One High Master Hammerdwarf gets labeled as plain "Hammerdwarf" rather than "Hammerlord" when put back on duty 
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By any chance are your elite marksdwarves momentarily reverting to Civilian mode when their order is cancelled? If so, this is a duplicate of 0001577.