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0003879Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2011-01-09 15:582011-01-09 17:53
Windows 7
0003879: Goblins ambush/siege with hostile humans in their squads
Almost every time the Goblins siege or ambush my form there will be at least 1 human in each ambush squad. Immediately- as soon as I hit resume- the goblins will attack the human.

The fact that they attack/kill the human doesn't bother me as much as it seems to completely disorient their attack. Ambushers will meander aimlessly after the human is dead. Sieges often end as soon as the humans are dead. So sieges really aren't and ambushes end with my military running all over the map to kill off the unmotivated enemy.

If the gobbos siege/ambush without humans it runs as expected. The goblins also attach with Trolls and Alligators no problem. It's only the humans that mess things up.

This is NOT a human caravan issue- this happens any season, any time. The humans will spawn simultaneously in squads all around the map and typically only one human per squad. No traders spawn with the ambushers and no message states the arrival of a human caravan. My human caravans come and go as expected.

In previous games (earlier versions) I've had goblin/human squad invaders that work together so I know it's possible for them to play nice. This is the first time I've experienced the goblins killing off their squad mates on a race basis.
Can happen during any siege/ambush where humans are spawned in goblin squad.
ambush, siege
duplicate of 0003685needs feedback Dwarfu Goblin squads invading a fortress will kill their non-goblin squadmates, sparking loyalty cascade 
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I'm running the latest Lazy Newb pack and have made no modifications to the raws (because I'm lazy)

Next time this happens I'll snag the report, forgot.
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Duplicate of 0003685
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Sure looks like it Quietust