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0003890Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2011-01-14 06:022012-02-21 21:50
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PCWindows 732-bit
0003890: One-armed bowman can still fire projectiles
Attacking bowman (really, anybody who uses a bow/crossbow) missing opposite arms can still fire projectiles. Firing projectiles should be a two handed / two armed maneuver. How exactly would one notch an arrow and draw it back with only one hand? ;)
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related to 0001534new  Broken/mangled limbs/joints can still be used for walking, attacking, flying 
related to 0004224new  Adv Mode [r]emove always places items in grasps, allows wielding them all simultaneously 
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This falls more into the general issue of grasping being bugged in this version: not only do you only need one hand to use a bow or crossbow, you can hold an infinite amount of items if they were removed from the inventory. Even if you have NO arms.
2012-02-21 14:07   
they put the bow on the ground and put an arrow ontop of it, bite the end of the arrow with the string and pull back, to fire they open there mouths.
2012-02-21 16:30   
Crossbows are also able to be shot one-handed. The real problem is nocking the bolt. That tension is beastly, though one could likely use one's teeth to draw it back into the mechanism.
2012-02-21 21:50   
Due to how weapons work in DF, this is expected behavior for now.