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0003925Dwarf FortressCombat -- Wrestlingpublic2011-02-03 18:092012-03-02 17:45
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0003925: Grasping with upper arms despite "Ability to grasp lost" and having no hands on upper arms!
Dwarf gets both arms ripped off at the elbow by an alligator.

Dwarf stripped of equipment. (to stop cancels pick up equipment spam)

Dwarf set upon Slugman to die a noble death.

Dwarf turns out to be a mutant ninja, crushing the Slugman with kicks, bites, and ramming. And, despite the lack of lower arms and hands, occasionally grasping the Slugman with her (the Dwarf's) upper arms and shaking the Slugman ferociously.

Awesome == Yes

If it matters, when those arms got ripped off there was no bleeding.
load save, check combat report. set Sazir Bimthosbut to attack something for fresh hilarity
get the save file here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3759 [^]
Save Included
related to 0001534new  Broken/mangled limbs/joints can still be used for walking, attacking, flying 
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"Grasp with upper arm" means she caught it in her armpit. If her arms were severed at the elbows, she is still able to grasp with her upper arm.

Similarly, grasping with the lower arm means to squeeze something on the inside of the elbow joint.

Now, a headlock performed with the armpit alone should be less effective (and maybe the game takes that into account already, not sure) but it's still definitely sort of possible. In case you're wondering for modding purposes, [JOINT] is the magical tag that allows you to wrestle like that.
2011-03-06 14:06   
ethanb is correct.