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Toady One 
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0003939: Blank Health History
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has duplicate 0000710resolved Dwarfu Treatment history has an empty entry 
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2011-02-07 15:23   
Reminder sent to: Cespinarve

Was surgery trying to be attempted on this dwarf?

Those entries usually get created when a dwarf is attempting to be operated on but some other dwarf gets a 'rescue wounded' job and hauls him back to their bed.

See 0003080.
2011-02-07 18:17   
No. I don't have surgery tables because of that bug, surgeons do it on the bed.

There was no clean way to say that.
2011-02-08 07:15   
Okay, it may help if you have a save so that particular dwarf can be watched to see what is going on.
Toady One   
2011-03-13 05:38   
I found that recovering the wounded leaves blank entries, and I've fixed that now. I tried a bunch of other medical jobs and they all registered, so I'll go ahead and mark this one off.