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0000396Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Textpublic2010-04-04 07:022010-06-09 06:47
Windows XP
0000396: Constructing a floor/wall/etc. at this place causes a Dist bug of -25000-ish.
When I am constructing a general construction (Floor, wall, etc) the distance says a negative number. Each time I go to select a material, it decreases further into the negative by 11250.
It started when I built it hung over an open space, attached a wall below (Roofing, filling in the open-spaces), but now it shows the distance being a negative anyway.
Oddly, it is only a bug with Mudstone (My only available stone on the map).

I just switched my carpenters into masons, seeing as I had none readily available beforehand, and now the bug has gone.
Have no masons (I'm not sure if carpenters are required, but I had two).
build an above-ground hut of wood (Not sure if the materials matter).
Go to build the roofing with mudstone (Not sure if the materials matter).
You then see that the distance says -11250 (or so), if not, cancel and go to build the roofing again.

This is how I achieved the bug, at least.
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duplicate of 0000070closed Toady One Negative distance for building materials 
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Probably a duplicate of 0000070
Might also be related to poorly updated pathfinding.