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0004072Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2011-02-25 16:502014-08-09 14:42
Toady One 
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0004072: Dwarves drag animals to pen/pit/cage/restraint without Animal Hauling enabled
Dwarfs without Animal Hauling enabled will drag animals into pen-zones (maybe cages and chains too?)
has duplicate 0005007resolved Dwarfu Dwarves move animals to Pen/Pastures even when animal hauling is not their job 
has duplicate 0001223resolved Dwarfu Caging a creature is done by one dwarf only 
has duplicate 0006319resolved Knight Otu Implement Labour Toggle for Pen/Pasture Animal set to on or off 
has duplicate 0007881resolved Footkerchief Cage Large Creature job is not controllable by labor settings, distracts skilled dwarves 
related to 0000791resolved Toady One Even with hauling labors off, dwarves continue to haul to trade depot and harvest food 
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2011-02-25 17:05   
Animal hauling is only used for carrying cages - any adult civilian dwarf will drag tame animals around.
2011-02-25 18:40   
well then its an old bug, but still :p if i disable animal hauling i dont want them to haul animals, neither in cages, nor without. thats just logic
2011-02-26 05:00   
related to 0003887
2011-03-30 18:25   
Right now I'm playing a fortress where my mayor/broker is requested for trading at the depot, and has all labors disabled, yet she insists on instead caging the dozen or so kittens and puppies that I just assigned to a cage. And she's doing it all by herself, because it's a such a low priority job and everyone else is busy doing other things. Yet it's somehow a higher priority than going to the depot to trade away highly valuable and highly perishable (due to not having enough barrels) prepared meals. I have over 1600 of them, and some of them have already gone bad. I want to trade them now, damn it! Before any more of them spoil!
If this is not a bug, then it is a bug that the labor is called "Animal Hauling" and not "Caged Animal Hauling". But even if disabling "Animal Hauling" is meant to disable only the hauling of animals in cages, it should still be changed, because it is really, really annoying.
2011-03-31 01:54   
related to 0000791
related to 0004370
2012-01-30 12:38   
Due to problems with brokers I request that the severity of this bug is bumped up.

also, if enemy path near/through a pasture, animals will leave the pasture. this causes lots of animal hauling jobs.
2012-07-21 19:48   
This bug is extremely irritating, precisely because it results in my broker, mayor, and medical dwarves (the very dwarfs I want being available) running off hauling animals instead of what they're supposed to be doing. Can we please get this fixed sooner rather than later?
2014-07-13 07:42   
2 years later, and this is still a bug. Can confirm in 40.02 dwarves (military) with all hauling disabled will still haul animals.