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0004074Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2011-02-26 09:352011-02-28 14:02
Toady One 
0004074: No option to make Yarn Rope in Manager screen
The Manager screen does not let you make ropes out of yarn, despite the fact that you can make other yarn items through the manager screen, and that you can make yarn ropes just fine by manually setting the job at the workshop.
Go to the job management screen. Search for 'YARN'. Note that "Make yard Rope" does not show up, although "Make yarn <foo>" for many other things shows up. Search for 'ROPE' Note that "Make cloth Rope" and "Make silk Rope" are there, but not "Make yarn Rope". Then exit the management screen, go and query the Clothier's Shop directly, press 'y' for Yarn, and note that 'Make yard Rope' is indeed an option.
Yarn was purchased at embark and is sitting in a cloth stockpile next to the clothier's workshop. Yarn is not forbidden. Workshop is not forbidden. Clothier was happy to make yarn ropes when I assigned them to be made manually. My manager dwarf is assigned, alive, happy, competent, and processing other jobs normally.
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