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0004099Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2011-02-28 19:192014-01-22 11:25
Toady One 
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0004099: Missing dwarfs in squad screen
Dwarfs arrived (migrants) immediately made one of them a military commander and added two friends. When I exited the screen, they were active.

When I went back into the screen, they were not listed as in the squad, but also not available to be added to the squad.

During the next migrant wave, I added two new dwarfs to the squad. These added ok.

bringing up the (s)quad screen shows 9 dwarves as being in the squad. This number didn't go up when I successfully added the two new dwarfs.

Weirdness happens when I disband the squad as well. (This may go away now that the new dwarf in the squad is in the noble position.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3871 [^]
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2011-02-28 20:34   
This appears to have elements of previous game contamination, as the squad also had the schedule from my previous fort (in another region)

This was the first squad I created, and I created without having a commander (create new squad and then assign a unit to the first slot that I wanted to be commander.)
2011-03-02 10:34   
Could you elaborate on the weirdness associated with squad disbanding? I've got a similar situation where there was evidence of previous game contamination. I assigned the militia commander through the nobles screen, then added some squadmates a few migrant waves in.

I think what happened with me was that I accidentally removed the militia commander from his position, disbanding the squad. When I went to recreate the squad I was unable to find the former members. Thinking my work was lost, I added a new batch of migrants to the squad, assigning weapons and armor as usual. The next time I activated the squad, both the new and old members deployed to their station. The old members had no weapons or armor, since I could not assign them any via the military screen.

Ultimately I was able to work around it by naming each former squad member militia captain in the nobles screen, creating and disbanding their squad in the military screen, and removing them from their position via the nobles screen. I think this works because it forces those dwarves out of their "ghost" squad and into a new squad. Removing them from that squad puts them back in the available dwarf pool normally, which means they can be reassigned to their first squad.
2011-03-03 07:28   
That's similar to what I did. Dwarfs in a squad still appear in other squads draft lists, which applied to the ghost members. I assigned them to the second squad, and that seemed to fix the issue somewhat.

It'd be nice if the squad screen labeled ppl who were in a squad.
2011-03-03 13:44   
In my case I was unable to find them in a second squad (or third or..), hence the elaborate noble screen workaround. Seems to be the same root cause.