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0004145Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2011-03-06 11:192012-04-11 11:59
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0004145: Magma-fall (magma waterfall) doesn't injure dwarves
I Built a Simple Magma Fall in My Dining room.
The Dorfs will stand around the drain grate all day and admire it but not have a word about the falling magma.

Every now and then a dorf will accidently step under it, spamming Urist McStepsinFire Canceled eat due to unsafe terrain, but he has neither an unhappy thought nor is he injured.
Build a Magmafall in a high traffic area, Watch the Dorfs not care and Drop things.
behaviour, magma
child of 0000307new  No announcements for blistering/charring, and other fire-related problems 
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2011-03-08 12:13   
Despite what the name was Changed to I will note that it bothered me more that Magma falls didn't cause thoughts.
2011-03-08 12:35   
Yeah, but if your report was just about that, I would have closed it as "no change required", because thoughts are an unfinished feature and are working as expected in this case.
2011-03-09 15:44   
Alrighty then.
2012-04-10 18:16   
I think the "not a bug" tag should be removed.