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0004287: Inexplicable, yet reproducible, crash
A few days into summer, 1056, my fort seems to be quite insistent on crashing. I have tried it in Wine and on Windows, in 0.31.18 where the fort was initially created (and played up to this point) and on 0.31.21, with and without truetype fonts, on various different print modes. None seem to avert the crash.
Load up the save file at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4009 [^] and allow it to run for a while. It will crash after a few IG days, maybe a few IG weeks.
I have done some experiments attempting to determine exactly what it is that is causing the crash, but have been unable to pin it down. I do have the outputs of several Wine crashes, uploaded to http://vpn.topazgryphon.org/~tcollett/df/Ancientcrypts_crashes.txt. [^]

I am using the Ironhand graphics set.
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duplicate of 0001271resolved Toady One Modding in SHELL body part after world generation results in crash 
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2011-04-01 08:57   
I have been able to reproduce this in version 0.31.25, and isolate the crash more precisely in time.

I have uploaded a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4107 [^] which should, if loaded in .25, crash within about 30 seconds with no user input.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to isolate the cause of the crash any better.

2011-04-01 21:40   
I'm not getting the crash on VISTA.

How did you move over your save to the newer versions?

What other changes have you made to your raw files?
Your ducks/geese are missing their BILL definition in body_default.txt.

What utility are you using to map out those unrevealed ore veins?
2011-04-01 21:42   
Reminder sent to: danaris

I posted a note instead of sending it to you, please check the bug report and respond when you are able.
2011-04-02 06:11   
- To move the save over, I had to make some compromises in the raw files, as a simple copy of the latest version's raws produced several errors. I'm afraid I don't recall exactly what I had to change; however, I was experiencing the crash before I ever transferred it to a version with different raws (as I said in the initial description, it started in .18 where the fort originated).

- I do not have access to Vista; the only Windows version I presently have access to is XP.

- I use dfhack (dfvdig and occasionally dfreveal) to designate the veins for digging. I have never had problems with it, either in other forts in earlier versions, or in the couple of forts I have started in more current versions (.23, .25).
2011-04-02 10:57   
Meddling with raws in a savegame makes this 0001271.
2011-04-02 12:31   
Yes, good job, you have completely misidentified the issue.

As I said twice, the crash appeared before I touched the raws. Additionally, none of the changes I made to make the new version's raws compatible with my save had anything to do with SHELL—that much, I do remember.
2011-04-02 13:11   
(edited on: 2011-04-02 13:12)
No need to get snippy. Do you have a version of the save that was never loaded with post-world-gen raws changes?

2011-04-02 20:34   
I believe so; however, I'll need some time to dig it up.

However, I can tell you for certain that the raws for that save would be the raws from the then-current version of Ironhand's graphics set, with no further modifications beyond what Ironhand does. I think that would have been 0.51...I'll see if I can figure it out Monday when I'm at the computer it would be on.
2011-04-03 11:58   
Haven't had chance to check the raws yet, but something occurred to me that may or may not be relevant.

This fort was able to obtain the King, but he showed up with no preferences. Up to this point, he has made no mandates or demands. It seems plausible to me that if the King decided to make a demand at this point, but had no preferences on which to base it, that could cause a crash.

It might be something totally different, but I figure it's worth mentioning.
2011-04-03 12:34   
That part is an old bug, 0003705. As far as anyone can tell, their lack of preferences causes them to simply not issue any mandates.
2011-04-03 13:06   
Ah, OK. Hadn't seen that one before.
2011-04-04 06:01   
I have tested it on the Mac OS X version, and it crashes the same as on Windows XP.

It does provide more crash info: http://topazgryphon.org/~tcollett/df/Ancientcrypts_crashes_osx.txt [^]
2011-04-05 10:36   
I must apologize most humbly to Kumquat. Having done some additional research, it appears that I had indeed meddled with the raws before I moved the save out of .18. Restoring the raws to their original state avoided the crash, at least so far.

I have moved the game to .25, and am testing it out there. This did, however, necessitate some changes to the raws once again (including removing the GRAZER tag, since there are no grasses upon which they can graze). I do not expect to see a repeat of this crash (though I did get a reproducible instance of the TTF crash bug...), given how things have gone so far.
2011-04-05 11:41   
Thanks for the update. Please reopen this if the crash shows up again.